Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's Not in a Name?

Kind of hard to believe, but by March-April, 1976, TV Guide editors had taken me/us seriously and corrected Towers' name (see) from Powers, forever removing that troublesome "P." The new movie description was a little off the mark, but even that blurb was closer to the motion picture's description than some others noted to be wildly in error. No less than United Artists promised Towers (see) that changes would go into force. Could there be any doubt that even the late actor Tom Powers himself would be pleased to no longer have his reputation saddled with a UFO movie in which he never performed?

In the meantime, Tom Towers was hoping to grab United Artists by the heels and flip the studio upside-down, hoping to shake out a few residual coins for the TV airings of "U.F.O." I don't know how successful he was, but his attempts became a recurrent theme in what little correspondence remained between us in the months ahead.