Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"UFO" Around the World

Reviews and articles about "U.F.O." in Europe and elsewhere were likely very prolific, and maybe someday other researchers will excavate the foreign history of "U.F.O." Researcher Gary S. Mangiacopra, noted especially for his work in cryptozoology, has also spent years amassing articles and other material about the movie, and I expect that one day he will assemble his own tribute (he and Dwight G. Smith published via Coachwhip Press, PA, in 2007 the book, Does Champ Exist? Notes on the Historic Lake Monster Conference held in Shelbourne, Vermont, 29 August 1981).

I did receive mail from readers about the article and movie. The letter displayed here came from Werner Walter, director of Germany's civilian UFO organization, CENAP. He references something of mine printed in the CUFOS International UFO Reporter, though I don't recall its contents at the moment.