Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Main Attraction: Actual UFO Films

If movie posters showing the frightened face of a pilot didn't draw viewers into the theater, the proclamation that two previously unseen color films of UFOs, deemed unexplained by government authorities, had been made public certainly worked the magic.

Today's visuals include two articles about the Montana (Nicholas Mariana) and Utah (Delbert C. Newhouse) films, acquired directly from the "U.F.O." press book. Color pictures from lobby card number one depict Newhouse in his Navy uniform and businessman Mariana. The black and white photo is an 8" x 10" promotional glossy print showing Mariana himself as he is questioned about his UFO film by an actor portraying an Air Force officer. The "articles" are standard items issued by movie studios, intended to be printed directly on newspaper entertainment pages once theater names, locations, etc. are added on a local basis.

One small detail not disclosed in either the movie or its publicity efforts was the admission by both Newhouse and Mariana that the best frames of their films were missing when returned by the government, and this has been discussed in UFO literature of later years. Perhaps this isn't surprising, for UFO history is sprinkled with instances of witnesses with UFO films and photos making similar claims. A significant number involve military personnel.
Additional Note: While making a UFO documentary for Canada's History Channel a few months ago, Canadian producer David Cherniack visited the United States and was intent upon interviewing Delbert Newhouse, who was then of an advanced age and confined to a nursing home. Unfortunately, incredibly, Mr. Newhouse died just hours before the production crew arrived.