Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Greene's Press Book Article

In an entry about producer Clarence Greene a few days ago, I shared with you what appeared to be his statement from the sixties about his reasons for making "U.F.O." On that occasion, I asked if anybody knew the source of those words, parts of which had wrongly been attributed to comments he made to me.

Part of the mystery has been cleared up, but not the sum total. Significant portions were actually extracted from the U.S. press book in a publicity mock-up article intended for newspapers in 1956 (reproduced here), but the Internet page from which I copied Greene's text earlier contained extra paragraphs. When I reviewed the press book (and it's been many years since I've taken a closer look at it) I thought perhaps this held the complete version, but it did not. I can only assume there was additional publicity material containing further comments by Greene, and from that presumably missing document the additional comments were obtained.

Also today, I'm putting up the full picture of Chop (Towers) holding LIFE Magazine, in his wife's presence. As mentioned in an earlier entry, the real issue featured Marilyn Monroe, not President Truman on the cover -- though the "interplanetary saucers" title remained correctly positioned.