Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Al Chop Clarifies

This is another note from Albert M. Chop, grateful to have an opportunity to reconnect with Dewey J. Fournet, Jr. After all the time and effort Al put into providing information for my article, I was happy to give something back.

Notice, too, his casual attitude about "off the record" quotes. Chop consistently believed that anything he said to the press or public should be carried as is. His honesty and openness in this regard goes all the way back to his earliest years with the government UFO investigation in the fifties.

Obviously, Al was also a proponent of nuclear energy, tough and determined enough to motivate its leaders and research personnel, despite considerable public controversy over safety issues at that time. As nuclear technology continues to appear even more indispensable as increased safety precautions become available, maybe his determination and multiple services performed on behalf of the nation will be even more apparent.