Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Unfamiliar Face with a Familiar Name

This little photo (bordered here in yelllow)) has made the rounds for years and is said to show, from left to right, Dewey Fournet, Al Chop and Edward Ruppelt.  Trouble is, the man on the left is not Fournet.  I've never seen a larger, better quality print of this picture, so in the past I just assumed the accompanying photo captions were correct and posted it as is.

But thanks to the continuing eagle-eye research of Barry Greenwood, we now learn that the man striking a pose on the left is actually "U.F.O." screenwriter Francis Martin, and a comparison to a photo of Martin from 1937, shown here, appears to confirm this.

(Promotional photo of Francis Martin courtesy of Paramount Pictures, 1937, per B. Greenwood)