Friday, August 28, 2009

NICAP's Statement About the Movie

Several years after "U.F.O." debuted in theaters, eventually relegated to TV late-late show environs, where it generally became an amusement for viewers who didn't know better and for television sales departments and sponsors merely on the hunt for films to cut-and-splice in order to sell a nebulous array of products, the private UFO organization NICAP (check out the archives) released a statement for the curious. Reproduced here, the information sheet accurately explains something of the motion picture's history. The only clarification I would make regards Maj. William Coleman's official statement in which he mentions "professional actors" involved in the film. While it is true that a handful of familiar actors were involved, either as narrators or on screen (veteran character actor Bert Freed may have portrayed an Air Force officer, for instance, as researcher Barry Greenwood reminded me), most "actors" were members of Los Angeles law enforcement.

(Thanks to Barry Greenwood for this submission.)