Thursday, April 9, 2009

More From Towers and Sperry in 1976

Belatedly consumed with weeding out the irrelevant from more than 45 years of files this month, darned if I didn't find three more postcards from movie principals. The year was 1976, and both Willis "Doc" Sperry and Tom Towers had volunteered a few moments in December to acknowledge receiving their copies of Official UFO with the movie article. Tom managed on more than one occasion to wish me season's greetings, and I've little doubt his Christmas holiday included at least one visit to the tennis court, one of his favorite places. I think I was more relieved than he when the publisher returned Tom's KRIM Theater photo -- the only copy he owned -- to me after its long absence. Retired American Airlines pilot and UFO witness Doc Sperry was still devoted to his partnership in Orion Aircraft Sales at that time.