Friday, October 31, 2008

The Movie is Available

The motion picture, "U.F.O." is a rarity even on cable TV anymore. The VHS version was pulled from the commercial market after a brief appearance a few years ago and wasn't around long enough to merit a DVD version. For all intents and purposes, it appears that "U.F.O." is forgotten and relegated to the celluloid junkyard. In recent years, as in past years, I've written the studios about their interest and the movie's status, and utter silence was consistently my response.

For these reasons, watching this now 52-year-old film dwell in obscurity, I think it's fair and a real service to the public that a DVD of the movie is offered at, the official tribute site for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, once the USA's leading civilian UFO organization.

The disc is more than reasonably priced for your donation (apparently, it currently accompanies a second disc which reproduces my original magazine article about the movie, originally published in the seventies) and it must absolutely be noted that all funds received for the DVD are plowed back into NICAP's educational not-for-profit Web site.

You can learn more simply by going to and on the first page click on the tab near the top center that reads "Books and videos for sale" Then scroll down and amongst numerous other offerings the "U.F.O." DVD is featured. The page also provides an e-mail address and a mailing address. PayPal and money orders seem to be the preferred modes of payment.

Original color films of the famous and still unexplained Utah and Montana UFOs featured in this otherwise black-and-white motion picture may alone be worth the small donation requested. Both the movie and the impressive accumulation of UFO evidence documented by Francis Ridge and other dedicated researchers at the historic NICAP site are highly recommended.